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New Florida Sinkhole Laws and Legislative Update
New Florida Sinkhole Laws
and Legislative Update

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How Sinkholes Form

Sinkholes are formed beneath the earth's surface as fluctuations in the water-table cause groundwater to pass through soluble bedrock. Erosion then causes voids or large cavities in the bedrock. After enough erosion has occurred, these underground empty spaces collapse under their own weight causing a sinkhole.

Concerned About Sinkholes

Sinkhole activity can be a homeowner’s worst nightmare. In the United States, sinkholes occur most often in Florida, Tennessee, Texas, Alabama, Missouri, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania. Many of Florida's lakes and ponds were formed from sinkhole activity. They often cause significant damage to buildings and property. Property owners can easily find themselves at a significant disadvantage to the insurance company when it comes to dealing with the damage caused by a sinkhole. A knowledgeable and experienced sinkhole attorney can help a property owner through every stage of their claim, from filing to final settlement.

Marshall Thomas, P.L. is a sinkhole litigation law firm dedicated to quality, personalized representation of individuals and businesses, never insurance companies. As a plaintiffs-only law firm, we concentrate our practice in sinkhole litigation, property insurance, construction and personal injury law. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us today for a free consultation.

Sinkholes In The News