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Hiring a Sinkhole Lawyer

Hiring an Attorney

Sinkholes commonly occur throughout Florida, Tennessee and the Southeastern United States. For many Americans, real estate can be their largest personal investment, which is why we buy insurance. Learning that your property has sinkhole activity is devastating news to home and business owners alike.

Sinkhole activity on private property is the responsibility of the property owner. With proper insurance coverage, the property owner's insurance policy should pay or reimburse for expert evaluation and proper sinkhole repair in both Florida and Tennessee. In reality, insurance companies can be very successful at limiting their losses due to sinkhole activity, which can be at the expense of the property owner. Property owners on the other hand -who purchase insurance to provide protection in the event of a sudden loss may find their insurance coverage insufficient to repair the actual damage caused by sinkhole activity.

It is not an easy task to negotiate with an insurance company for the successful resolution of a sinkhole claim. While insurance companies have extensive experience in dealing with sinkhole claims, many property owners have little to no such experience. This fact gives the insurance company an absolute advantage over the insured. Stated another way, property owners can easily find themselves at a significant disadvantage to the insurance company when it comes to dealing with sinkhole claims. A knowledgeable and experienced Florida or Tennessee sinkhole attorney can help the property owner through every stage of their sinkhole claim, from filing to final settlement.

If your insurance company has denied your Florida or Tennessee sinkhole claim due to lack of documented sinkhole activity, hiring a sinkhole lawyer may be a very good idea. A qualified sinkhole attorney can hire independent experts to document and review all of the data. It is important to know if proper testing was conducted. If your insurance company confirms the presence of sinkhole activity, the Florida and Tennessee attorneys at Marshall Thomas, P.L. will work to ensure your rights are protected.

If you have already filed a sinkhole claim in Florida or Tennessee and your insurance company has confirmed the presence of sinkhole activity, a Florida sinkhole attorney or Tennessee sinkhole attorney can serve as your professional representative seeking to protect your rights. Our sinkhole lawyers will work diligently to see the insurance company lives up to its obligations. The attorneys at Marshall Thomas, P.L. can help you with your sinkhole claim not matter what stage. We provide professional and experienced representation to clients in Florida and Tennessee.

Marshall Thomas, P.L. is a nationally recognized sinkhole litigation firm dedicated to quality, personalized representation of individuals and businesses. We focus our practice in the areas of sinkhole litigation and property insurance. We strive to accommodate the needs of each of our clients. We will work diligently to ensure your complete satisfaction. To learn more about Marshall Thomas, P.L. and how we can help you in Florida or Tennessee, contact us today for a free consultation.